All kinds of Basic Mathematics


My collection of 175 videos on Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Statistics, Differential Equations and Calculus coming from MIT Open Courseware

Graph Theory

Mathematics . Pure mathematics . Structural mathematics . Graph Theory  

An awesome collection of 63 videos by Dr. Sarada Herke on Graph theory in great detail.  Covers simple graphs - I wish she did more on this topic.


Like the name says, it's about Tensors :-)

Cosmology and Astrophysics

A collection of videos on cosmology, string and M theory, time, quantum theory in an attempt to bind the fabric of the universe into one "unified field theory". But we are still so far aware from providing a "theory of everything"  ( both at the quantum level to ER/ERP quantum wormholes to dark matter to quantum gravity )

String and M-Theory

A collection of videos on String and M-theory

Quantum Physics

Science . Empirical Science . Natural science . Physics . Modern

My collection of 78 video lectures from MIT, Stanford and more on Quantum Physics, Wave Mechanics (Schrödingers equation), Quantum Dynamics, and Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics and Computation

A great collection of 67 videos by Umesh Vazarani from UC Berkley.

Quantum Computing

Name says it all - 12 introductory starting videos covering this growing topic.

Machine Learning

My collection of ML course materials from Andrew Ng (Stanford), Nando Freitas (British Columbia), MIT Open Courseware, Nouredin Sadawi covering common ML topics, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithms

Evolutionary Computing

By Jacob Schrum ( Southwestern University )

Game Theory

Game Theory with Ben Pollack

Databases, NoSQL and Distributed Systems

A growing collection of all kinds of Big Data and Distributed Computing systems.

Brain and the Nervous System

My collection of 122 videos on the brain, cognition and cognitive functions, neuroscience and the nervous system largely taken directly from Khan Academy.

Genetics, Microbiology and Evolution

Science . Empirical Science . Natural science . Biology . Microbiology , Evolutionary biology

My collection of 72 videos on the cell, genomics, microbiology, and evolutionary biology from Khan Academy, Mohamad Noor ( Duke University Medical School ) and finally a treat set by Francis Crick and James Watson!